Translation from English and Spanish to French:

     I only translate into French, my mother tongue, for this is the language I master the most. During my studies, I have specialized in European History and oceanography. Nonetheless, I can provide you with high quality translation in many different fields. I always undertake as many researches as required to pass on the message, using the right terminology. I pay special attention to the flow and consistency of the final text. You won’t have the sensation to read a literal translation, nor some bad copy of the original text. The customer and the recipient’s satisfaction remain a priority.

Proofreading and editing:

     I also provide proofreading services: I check existing translations meeting the quality criteria above mentioned. I can edit your documents written in French, paying attention to the spelling and grammar, to the punctuation and typography (sometimes disregarded), and to the overall structure and consistency of the text.

Rates and quotes:

     Translation quotes are based on the number of words in the source document (original document). To this end, I use the word processing software word count. When the automatic word count can’t be achieved because of the format delivered, translation quotes are based on the number of words in the target document (final document). Proofreading and editing are charged on an hourly basis.

    You can contact me any time filling out this contact form. I will send you as early as possible a firm quote. Quotes and deadlines can change depending on the technical complexity of the source text to ensure the quality of the service, and include proofreading. A premium is charged for very urgent works (more than 2000 words/day) or translations sent on Friday to be delivered on Monday.