Master degree in technical, editorial and economic translation

ESIT, school for translators and interpreters, Paris (France)
Dissertation: The Signature whistle of the Bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus

Master degree in Spanish Literature and History

University of Burgundy, Dijon (France)
Dissertation: El periodismo político de José María Blanco White


Work experience

Freelance translator, Dole (France)

Editorial and technical translation for WHO, other institutions and PhD students
Transcription and subtitling
WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean, Islamabad (Pakistan)

International Film Festival on Human Rights, Paris (France)

French subtitles of the feature films The Homestretch and 1971

United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime, Vienna (Austria)

Secretariat to the Governing Bodies
Translation of speaking notes, letters from the Permanent Missions and the UNODC website
Preparation of meeting records

European Commission, Brussels (Belgium)

Translation of legal and technical texts

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris (France)

Legal, technical and general translation
Update of the multilingual term base